All aspects of mechanical design and dynamic analysis can be carried out for crankshafts. Including vibrations, main bearing loads, alteration of bank angles for V configuration engines and the effect of different balance weights investigated.

I have experience designing all major castings found in powertrain applications, including permanent mould sand cast parts, rapid core sand castings and permanent mould die castings. All of which have their own constraints and advantages which must be considered at the earliest stage of product development.

Gearbox tribology can be investigated and troubleshooting conducted for gearbox lubrication systems. Different oils can be simulated in any gearbox – modelling friction losses and oil film thickness.

Cylinder head design can be undertaken, and all sub-systems also designed. Particular care can be devoted to the waterjacket, to optimise heat rejection from critical areas and reduce overall system pressure drop. Port & cam profile design for SI engines can also be undertaken.