Mavic Ellipse Rear Wheel Axle


Broken your rear axle ? Want to upgrade it before that happens ?

To cure several design errors in the standard Mavic part, this axle is a bulletproof, straight swap replacement.

Made from high grade stainless-steel alloy, by a manufacturer of parts to Formula One teams –
this is a “fit-and-forget” part. No corrosion, no breakages, no worry. Note that the internal
Hex has been deleted for strength reasons, as this was the primary failure point on the
original axle. This makes tightening the nuts slightly more tricky, but is well worth it
for reliability.

It is also slightly longer than the standard axle (166>180mm), to allow for bicycles with thick dropouts, or chain tensioners.

Works with standard Mavic wheelnuts, and all other standard Mavic hub parts, with rolled threads instead of cut, and far stronger material – it has a thinner centre, allowing it to also be lighter than the standard part.

The following short video gives guidance on installing the new axle.

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Weight 95 g
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1 cm

1 review for Mavic Ellipse Rear Wheel Axle

  1. Xavier Alvarez (verified owner)

    I currently have your axle installed on my Ellipse rear wheel, ordered on Feb, 20 2018. It has worked flawlessly and a true “fit and forget” part.
    Am planning on ordering a second axle for a new wheelset.
    Question, am I able to cut the axle down to the factory length without any issues?

    • calum42_8975

      Yes you can cut it down, just put a nut over the thread before you cut, then unscrew it afterwards to help clean the threads up again – and round off the sharp edges with a file.

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